Revue des matériaux et énergies renouvelables
Volume 1, Numéro 1, Pages 16-29

Quantification Of The Wear According To Different Approaches To A Hard Alloy « Z38cdv5-3 »

Authors : Kaid Ameur Djilali . Mahmoudi Noureddine .


The wear is defined as the material removal (earth) of the surface of an object by contact with another surface and not simply the deformation or the dislocation of the material of the workpiece in contact. The wear can be divided into two categories: Wear dominated by the majority by the mechanical behavior of materials and the wear caused by the chemical behavior of materials.There are seven mechanisms of mechanical wear listed; however, there are only three types of surface for the interaction of surface that may cause them: Sliding (a slide coating by report to another over long distances) The wear by rubbing (A surface oscillates on minute distances by report to the other) and erosion (solid particles) encroach on a single surface from an external source). For this document, only dry (non-lubricated) Sliding .Wear will be envisaged.The mechanisms of actual wear to dry sliding wear depends on a number of variables, including: surface finish, surface geometry of, the orientation, sliding speed, relative hardness (of a surface compared to the other or in relation to the abrasive particles between the surfaces), the microstructure of materials, and more. From these variables, it can be seen that the rate of wear is not a pure physical property and does not always occur in a uniform manner.


Wear, Friction, Archard, Quantification, Hard Alloy, Surfaces, Contact, Deformation.