Revue des matériaux et énergies renouvelables
Volume 2, Numéro 1, Pages 9-12

Effect Of Sulfuric Acid On The Behavior Of A Composite Based Polymer Reinforced With Glass Fibers

Authors : Mahmoudi Noureddine . Tayeb M'hmed . Bourdim Mokhtar .


In this work, an experimental study was conducted with the objective of achieving a microscopic characterization of samples aged of wastewater and sewer pipes HDPE reinforced with glass fibers in a H2SO4 solution with different concentrations, using the Microscope scanning electron (SEM). The microscopic results show that degradation at the fiber / matrix interface worsens as the increase of the concentration of H2SO4.


composites, HDPE, interface, aging, sulfuric acid.