Volume 11, Numéro 2, Pages 125-141

Hydro-physical Characterizations Of Compost For Optimal Conception Of Growth Substrates In Forest Nurseries

Authors : M’sadak Y . El Hichri N .


Several research studies have shown the importance of using compost for containers seedlings production. In this context, the present study attempts to hydro-physically optimize growing media formed of Acacia cyanophylla crude compost mixed with olive oil and livestock manures wastes Co-compost. The contribution of co-compost was carried out according to different proportions to determine mixtures that have the best physical characteristics (total porosity, aeration and retention porosity, dry bulk density) and moisture content (pF curves, water availability and time of rewetting) for optimum forest seedling growth. The results have shown that the incorporation of 20% rabbit manures Co-compost, 50% olive wastes Co-compost, 50% ovine manures Co-compost and 50% cattle manures Co-compost with Acacia cyanophylla compost have shown relatively better results. The raw Acacia cyanophylla compost has showed good air content and insufficient moisture content. Mixed with Olive wastes Co-compost, he has proved an unsatisfactory air content, but water availability was good.


Forest nurseries, Acacia cyanophylla compost, Co-compost, Porosities, Hydro-physical behavior.