Volume 3, Numéro 1, Pages 13-23

Réponses Du Blé Dur (triticum Durum, Desf.) Aux Basses Températures En Relations Avec La Capacité De Production

Auteurs : Mekhlouf A . Dehbi F . Hannachi A . Harbi M .


The present study led to unit INRAA of Sétif, had like objective the determination of the period at the risk of freezing. Identification of the tolerant lines at the low temperatures through several physiological and biochemical tests. See the various connections which can exist between its tests and the yield and its components. The tolerance with the cold expressed through the physiological tests (crown, leaves, ear) and biochemical, soluble proline and sugars shows that the lines Cyprus1, Cyprus2 and Héider//Mt//Ho contain capacities of adaptation to the cold which it is necessary exploited in the future programs of improvement and selection.

Mots clés

Durum wheat, freezing, tests physiological, yield