Volume 2, Numéro 2, Pages 42-51

Le Ble Dur (triticum Durum Desf.) Sous L'effet Des Façons Culturales En Environnement Semi-aride

Auteurs : Chennafi H. . Saci A. . Harkati N. . Fellahi N. . Hannachi A. . Fellafi Z. .


The yield performances of durum wheat (Triticum durum Desf.) variety Waha were evaluated under effects of crop precedent: fallow and wheat and tool nature of soil preparation: scarifier, moldboards plow or disks plow, during 2006/2007 growing season. The results showed the advantage, in grain yield, of wheat that crop precedent is fallow relatively to wheat following wheat. Tool effect of tillage soil is related to crop precedent. Indeed, Waha cultivated under fallow tilled with scarifier produced more grain than after wheat. However, proper management of production system increases production productivity with technical efficiency in rainfed agriculture. It focuses on soil and water conservation.

Mots clés

Triticum durum Desf., yield, crop precedent, tillage tools of soil