Traduction et Langues
Volume 11, Numéro 2, Pages 110-123

L’emprunt Lexical Et Les Aspects Linguistiques De La Nomination/ Lexical Borrowing And Linguistic Aspects Of Nomination

Auteurs : Harig Fatima .


We propose to examine, in this article, for what causes the words, once created and provided with a certain meaning, are brought to tighten it, to extend it, to transport it from a precise order of ideas to another, to raise or lower him in dignity, in short to change him. It is this part which properly constitutes semantics or the sciences of significations. how to choose the appropriate process to represent the new realities, how the different glosses make it possible to refine and specify the desired meaning and how the choice of the equivalent can be very difficult since it must be adjusted by certain production conditions see the discursive and praxematic context.

Mots clés

Borrowing, lexical borrowing, realia, praxematics, denomination, equivalence, categorization, semantic recomposition, hypernym/hyponym, naming, updating, naming, processes