Traduction et Langues
Volume 16, Numéro 1, Pages 210-220

Les Aspects Linguistiques Et Extralinguistiques En Traduction Linguistic And Extralinguistic Aspects In Translation

Auteurs : Alao Pascal Adebayo . Tanitolorun Ezekiel Oladele .


Translation as a sub-discipline of Applied Linguistics is today a scientific interdisciplinary practice. Culture as intertwined with language could not therefore, most of the time, be separated from the culture of the speakers of a particular language or from their linguistic interactions and engagements. Based on this, the extralinguistic aspects come in. The authors of this article therefore make a trial to link French language and Yoruba, a language notably spoken in the South-West of Nigeria. We discover that there are more dissimilarities than similarities in relation to French and Yoruba in particular. These are the problems emanated from translation and only linguistics, that is the use of language itself, can resolve it.

Mots clés

Translation, extralinguistic, culture, French, Yoruba, teaching.