Traduction et Langues
Volume 11, Numéro 2, Pages 85-94

L’apprentissage De L’écriture Littéraire En Fle Et Le Poids De L’héritage Socioculturel Des Jeunes Apprenants Au Lycée En Algérie /learning Literary Writing In Ffl And The Weight Of The Socio-cultural Heritage Of Young Learners In High School In Algeria

Auteurs : Cheikh Saaia D .


: High school students are victims of the romantic illusion of the inspired writer. This representation affects many writers, even among those who can be qualified as good students and tends to transform any attempt at literary writing into a transgression. The school must counter these erroneous representations of writing here. The problem then arises of knowing how to give the writer access to literary writing, how to act so that the representation of writing as a scriptural activity and as a work of rewriting can replace those of a divine gift and a sacred activity requiring inspiration, so deeply inscribed in it? how to free their minds from this socio-cultural heritage which weighs heavily on their learning to write. In such a context, we asked ourselves: what meaning can rewriting take? To answer it we propose the practice of reading-writing in class by applying the editorial process developed by C. Oriol-Boyer (1989) where it is indeed a question, by different writings and different stages of directing the writer towards the realization final.

Mots clés

Student-secondary-literary writing-representation-scriptural activity-rewriting-theory of C. Oriol-Boyer