Traduction et Langues
Volume 13, Numéro 2, Pages 78-95

Quand Le Contexte Dynamise Le Sens De L’emprunt Dans Les Pratiques Langagières Des Jeunes étudiants Algériens. Cas De La Ville De Relizane / Through The Language Practices Of Young Algerian Students: A Case In The City Of Relizane

Auteurs : Bendref Laïla .


The study that we undertake, concerns the linguistic practices of the young relizanais students of the department of French. In fact, it is a study with a double dimension: a sociolinguistic and didactic one. The sociolinguistic dimension revealed the analysis of the borrowing of French items into dialectal Arabic; except the environment of education (teaching). These practices are characterized, particularly, by a gap between the "settled" sense and the sense (direction) "claimed"("aspired") by the borrowing; a gap which separates this "power" of this "duty" where the interlocutors lead (infer) a series of changes on the structures of the lowanwords), disregarding laws of the good use and breaking obviously the internal linguistic structures. As for the didactic dimension, because of the appeal to the students who prepare a license (Bachelor's degree) in French, we are going to request the literal sense of the units borrowed to prove if the rejection (discharge) of the notion of the literal sense (direction) is a sign of competence or a sign of misunderstanding and/or use by imitation (mimicry). And thus, this leads us to reflect upon the process of teaching /learning of the French language in Algeria in a broad way.

Mots clés

Context, standard (s), linguistic practices of the youngsters, pragmatics, the sense (direction) of the borrowing.