The Relationship between using information technologies And Human resources management performance Case study: a set of Algerian east region business companies | ASJP

Revue des Sciences Humaines & Sociales
Volume 3, Numéro 47, Pages 222-200

The Relationship Between Using Information Technologies And Human Resources Management Performance Case Study: A Set Of Algerian East Region Business Companies

Authors : Ilyes Boudiaf,


We aim through this study mainly to measure the correlation between information technology and human resources management through its dimensions. For that we have putt a model that shows the relationship between the variables studied (information technology and human resources management). This study has been conducted on a sample of 22 companies of the Algerian east area, depending on survey method and discipline to collect and analyze the data by a set of statistical indicators such Cronbach's Alpha, One-Sample Kolmogorov-Smirnov Test, descriptive statistics such (Mean, Std. Deviation, Std. Error Mean) and correlation coefficient for testing the hypotheses,. The main result of this study is: there is a positive- high correlation between information technology dimensions and developing the performance of human resources management.


Technology. Information technology, Human resources, Human resources management, Performance

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Revue des Sciences Humaines & Sociales
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