Nutrition & Santé
Volume 11, Numéro 2, Pages 67-76

Diagnostic And Management Strategies Of Undernutrition In The Elderly: A Review

Authors : Rahal Lotfi . Belhandouze Amina . Bouchedoub Youcef .


Undernutrition is one of the major problems of public health, frequent in the extreme ages of life where its evaluation is often difficult. It most often leads to tissue loss with deleterious functional consequences. Aging is a persistent decline in the age-specific fitness components of an organism due to internal physiological deterioration. Because of physiological changes, the nutritional status of the elderly can deteriorate rapidly and affect all steps of eating, from the sensation perceived when food is put into the mouth to the metabolism of nutrients. This can lead to protein-energy undernutrition in this population. Anthropometric, biophysical and biological measurements allowing the quantification of undernutrition, the evaluation of its severity. This narrative review focuses on the importance of recognizing, preventing and treating undernutrition in the elderly as part of management strategies in order to limit the morbid consequences in this vulnerable population.


Undernutrition ; Aging ; nutritional status ; elderly ; management