Traduction et Langues
Volume 16, Numéro 1, Pages 27-35

La Didactique De L’orthographe En Question : étude Expérimentale Avec Un Public Adulte The Didactics Of Spelling In Question: Experimental Study With An Adult Audience

Auteurs : Hedid Souheila .


Writing in all its forms guarantees the survival and persistence of human thought, which is how it is transmitted from generation to generation. At the heart of this practice, which is both social and individual, we see the emergence of the need to improve one's learning of spelling, the most obvious component of writing. In fact, with the emergence of the Internet and new means of communication, learning to spell is becoming more and more important. This study questions the dimension of this learning in an adult audience, it aims to identify what this teaching has specific when it comes to the transmission of a foreign language to adults. The reflection initiated here refers to experimental research. The results of this didactic survey are analyzed with a qualitative methodology that allows the data to be interpreted according to several paradigms. The study of the FLE method used and the learning context gives us multiple analytical leads, the choice of a given approach depends on the characteristic elements of the corpus studied.

Mots clés

writing- FLE- adult learner- CEIL.