revue algerienne des études sociologiques
Volume 3, Numéro 7, Pages 10-24

الخطاب الأخلاقي داخل المجتمع الجزائري بين المخيال الاجتماعي والوعي التراثي

الكاتب : عناني نورالدين . لطروش أحمد .


The problematic of values and morals in Algerian society relates to his privacy, therefore, Algerian heritage expresses about historical and religious links and the ideology confirms Arabic and Islamic meanings. so, we find the contributions of Ibn Badis and Al-Bashir Al- Ibrahimi as messages that we must accept it in the unit. And ethically, the unity of Algerian society was linked to revolution and its principles and it was linked to the Islamic religion. The dynamic of moral duty is summed up in the attachment to the revolution of history and the shapes of defiance. We believe that values are a form based on standard rules which the given is identified through it. And thus the safety and continuity of the nation lies in the fundamental principle which is the assiduousness in time like the law of mercy and this is the embodiment to AL-Sunna of proselytism and follow-up. Social relations are based on the door of charity and human relations based on the door of faith, the preservation of national sovereignty based on the preservation of the national constants, and the door of ethics is to enrich the difference which is based on the jurisprudence of transformations and the method of safety for the idolizations and dealings in Algeria.

الكلمات المفتاحية

Values ; morals ; conscience ; education ; religion ; society