Algerian Journal of Biosciences
Volume 1, Numéro 2, Pages 61-67

Ecodendrometric Parameters Of Some Medicinal Plants In Aleppo Pine Forests Of Northern Sétif (algeria)

Authors : ربيحة عداد . Bounar Rabah . Ghadbane Mouloud . Chermat Sabah . Rebbas Khellaf .


The ecodendrological study, on 35 plots were sampled in the Alep pine formation of the Ain Hamda Tizi N’bechar forest at the rate of one plot per station and in each plot a Phytoecological floristic survey was carried out. Concerning the species of the floral procession of the pine forest, there are 19 medicinal species, belonging to 13 families and 20 genera. This medicinal potential must be protected and preserved; it is in this context that this study is based on the knowledge of the factors which influence the distribution and the distribution of these species within the framework of a good rational management in support of the local and sustainable development of the local population through valuation.


Ecological parameters; Pine forest; Medicinal plants; Local development; Pine

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