Revue Organisation et Travail
Volume 9, Numéro 3, Pages 120-136

2019 -في الفترة من 1995 Ardl محددات الإئتمان المصرفي للقطاع الصناعي في الجزائر دراسة قياسية باعتماد نموذج

الكاتب : بزارية امحمد .


Industry is considered one of the most important elements in building national economies that are able to compete in light of global changes, and the industrial sector is gaining increasing interest in these countries from all actors in the economy, especially financing institutions. This interest comes as a result of the great developmental role that this sector plays from the economic side and This study aims to know the main determinants of financing for the Algerian industrial sector, and to achieve this goal, we analyzed the long-term relationship between the study variables using standard methods based on the ARDL self-model test. The study indicated that the GDP, interest rates and investment have a positive effect in the long term, While the inflation rate has a negative impact on the bank financing of the industrial sector in Algeria

الكلمات المفتاحية

industrial sector ; bank financing ; ARDL