Journal of Studies in Language, Culture and Society (JSLCS)
Volume 3, Numéro 3, Pages 11-23

Efl Teachers’ Perceptions And Experiences With The Moodle Platform During Covid-19 Epidemic: A Case Study At The University Of Tizi-ouzou

Authors : Berbar Katia .


The Coronavirus (COVID-19) has disrupted teaching and learning worldwide. The rising concern about the rapid spread of the virus resulted in the closure of all educational institutions and the reliance on online academic platforms like Moodle to continue teaching activities. In this regard, the main aim of this descriptive study was to investigate the perceptions and experiences of fourteen teachers with the Moodle platform during COVID-19 pandemic lockdown, taking the department of English at the University of Tizi-Ouzou as a case in point. To collect data, an online questionnaire comprising closed and open questions was designed using Google Forms and sent to the respondents via email. Both quantitative and qualitative data were collected. Quantitative data were subjected to statistical analysis using the Statistical Package for Social Sciences, whereas qualitative data were treated using thematic analysis. The results of the study indicated that the majority of the participants held negative perceptions of the Moodle platform. They advocated face-to-face education and were firmly against teaching through Moodle. The findings also disclosed some advantages and disadvantages of teaching through Moodle such as lack of training. The results implied that there is a need for attitude change and the development of teachers’ technological literacy.


COVID-19 epidemic, ; lockdown, ; Moodle e-learning platform, ; teachers’ perceptions and experiences