Volume 20, Numéro 2, Pages 165-183

Enhancing Learners Specialized Languages Acquisition Through An Effective Cognitive Approach Of Translation In A Globalized Age

Authors : Farrah Sabah .


World-wide development made of that large universe a global village, facilitating intercommunication and inter-culturality among people to share ideas, conceptions, sciences and knowledge. Knowledge variety led to the emergence of diverse specialized languages and raised the need to their fast learning and mastery, for the warranty of a successful communication among individuals of different cultural and civilizational backgrounds. Hence, the importance of specialized languages incites learners to think about cognitive approach of translation contribution in specialized languages acquisition and mastery. This paper investigates the contribution of cognitive approach of translation in raising learners capacities to learn specialized languages and impact on their specialized linguistic performance in a globalized age; as well as the manner educators and syllabi designers use to raise learners’ awareness of the importance of not only learning specialized languages but also how to use the cognitive approach of translation to reach that aim.


cognitive approach ; translation ; specialized languages ; global age ; communication