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Journal of Materials, Processes and Environment

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The JMPE evaluated by its peers through two reading and writing committees composed of specialists in materials science and engineering, it disseminates in-depth studies reflecting the latest scientific and technical advances in the field. The subjects proposed, deal with materials for civil engineering, transport, renewable energies and technical ceramics. Sustainable development at the service of technological innovation and the environmental context at the heart of many scientific and industrial applications in various fields such as: corrosion and durability of materials. Scientific and technological issues associated with the wide variety of processes involved in the implementation and properties of materials fall within a broad multidisciplinary field including process engineering, materials science, mechanics, physics and physicochemistry materials.







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Characterization of Silica Sandstone for Photovoltaic Application.

Sabiha Anas Boussaa , A. Kheloufi, N. Boutarek Zaourar, A. Kefaifi, F. kerkar,

UV radiations effects on the mechanical and physicochemical properties of a polycarbonate

Sonya REDJALA, Rabah FERHOUM, Said AZEM , Nourredine AIT HOCINE ,