Journal of Materials, Processes and Environment
Volume 5, Numéro 1, Pages 58-62

Malachite Green Decolorization By Marine Strain Isolated From Bou-ismail Bay (algeria)

Authors : Mesbaiah Fatma Zohra . Badis A. .


Decolorization of malachite green dye by marine strain was studied, results obtained demonstrated a good ability to decolorize malachite green dye after 72 h of incubation at 30°C and 150 rpm.The decolorizationefficiencywas found to be affected by initial dye concentration, pH and salinity of medium.UV–Visspectroscopy analysis of samples before and afterdecolorization confirmed the ability of the tested strain todegrade MG.


Triphenylmethane dye, Bioremediation , pollution , Degradation.