Journal of Materials, Processes and Environment
Volume 5, Numéro 1, Pages 34-45

Thermal Stability Of Fgm Rectangular Plates Using A New Hyperbolic Shear Deformation Theory

Authors : Chikh Abdelbaki . Tounsi A. . Adda Bedia E. A1 E.a. .


In this paper, a new hyperbolic shear deformation beam theory is developed, the study of thermal buckling analysis of plates functionally graded material (FGM) resting on elastic foundations. The equilibrium equations of the FGM plate are based on the high order hyperbolic shear deformation theory and includes the plate-foundation interaction and thermal effects. Material properties vary depending on the form of the power law through the thickness (P-FGM). The governing equations are solved analytically for a plate with simply supported boundary conditions and submitted through its thickness uniform temperature gradient, linear and nonlinear. The resulting equations are used to obtain the exact solution for the critical buckling load for each load. The influences of the aspect ratio of the plate, the side-to-thickness ratio, the rigidity of the elastic foundation on the buckling temperature difference are discussed.


functionally graded materials, Hyperbolic shear deformation theory, Pasternak elastic foundation.

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