La Revue des Sciences Commerciales
Volume 18, Numéro 1, Pages 65-81

Organizational Capabilities As A Lever Of Innovation Case Of The Algerian Public Compagny Naftal

Authors : Belaidi Abdelaziz . Abid Nabila . Merhoun Malek .


Abstract: The objective of this research is to demonstrate the role of organizational capabilities in improving the ability of companies to innovate. To achieve this, our research takes a qualitative approach through the study of the Algerian public company «NAFTAL», one of the most important players in the Algerian oil sector. Our results show that strategic and operational capabilities improve the company’s ability to seize external opportunities and transform them into new products or services. In addition, the organization promoting initiative and communication, participative management style and decentralization of decisions, as well as the favorable social climate, reinforce commitment and encourage employees to innovate.


Keywords: Organizational capabilities; innovation capital; management, efficiency