Volume 9, Numéro 2, Pages 472-479

L 'écriture Humoristique: Arme Du Roman Francophone Contemporain (exemple: Textes De L'écrivain Francophone Albert Cossery)

Auteurs : Roumane Bouchra .


Humour is one of the discursive strategies used to transfer the meaning of a revolution. This particular use of language is used to express mockery and seem more free if we compare it to the irony which is known especially for his scathing critique of power. In some literary productions including the work of Albert Cossery as example . the humor quit its free for the sake of the revolution that the author expressed in his novels. Indeed, humor appropriates its own purposes in the literary production trying to put the fun in the sake of the serious, so it appears as a genre in itself. Front its production, reception and interpretation, humor allows literary production to play its role for front militant or didactic subversion. According to A Cossery , humour would be an example of a literary practice that is underlined in the nature of the facts, in the choice of characters and the enunciative operation. Through this work, the author offers an effective form of revolution.

Mots clés

writing- humor- Novel- gender- irony- revolution