Volume 9, Numéro 2, Pages 391-401

De La Voix De L'autre Dans Le Discours De Presse. Analyse Linguistique De Polyphonie Dans Les Articles Du Quotidien D'oran

Auteurs : Mazot Aouda .


Our study is part of the framework of the theory of language polyphony. Our corpus is composed Ofa set of statements from « Le Quotidien d'Oran ». We attach to analyze some brands of polyphony allowing the journalist to introduce the explicit or implied one or several voice in his speech while conveying the points of view and expressing attitudes toward its statement and the voices that he puts in scene. We are inspired by the work of Oswald Ducrot (1980/1984) and Jean Claude Anscomhre (1983) which are essentially within the linguistics of enunciation, of the theory Of argumentation in language and linguistic polyphony theory.

Mots clés

polyphony, speech of the press, speaker, enunciator panel, point of view.