Revue des Etudes Economiques Approfondies
Volume 3, Numéro 2, Pages 1-28

L’analyse Quali-quantitative Comparée (aqqc) : Une Approche Méthodologique Innovante En Recherche Et Pratique Managériale

Auteurs : Mrabet Mansouria . Benchikh Houari . Hammou Mammar Nawel .


In order to answer preoccupations of analysis, comprehension and construction of action project (actionable and reflexive); management research needs an innovative methodological approach. Beyond the qualities and values of qualitative approaches and quantitative approaches, the obstinacy of separation within the human sciences between the two approaches is, without a doubt, sterilizing in many ways. This paper proposes to go beyond this problem by proposing an innovative methodological approach to be exploited in research and managerial practices. Quantitative Qualitative Quantitative Analysis (QAQA) will be presented - in this paper - in a comprehensive way with an illustration of the impact of the entrepreneur's socio-demographic profile on the performance of the SME

Mots clés

Algérie, AQQC, Entrepreneur, PME.