Journal of Materials and Engineering Structures
Volume 1, Numéro 3, Pages 137-145

Buckling Response Of Thick Functionally Graded Plates

Authors : Bouazza Mokhtar . Tounsi Abedlouahed . Adda-bedia El Abbas .


In this paper, the buckling of a functionally graded plate is studied by using first order shear deformation theory (FSDT). The material properties of the plate are assumed to be graded continuously in the direction of thickness. The variation of the material properties follows a simple power-law distribution in terms of the volume fractions of constituents. The von Karman strains are used to construct the equilibrium equations of the plates subjected to two types of thermal loading, linear temperature rise and gradient through the thickness are considered. The governing equations are reduced to linear differential equation with boundary conditions yielding a simple solution procedure. In addition, the effects of temperature field, volume fraction distributions, and system geometric parameters are investigated. The results are compared with the results of the no shear deformation theory (classic plate theory, CPT).


Thermal buckling; Functionally graded material; FSDT; CPT

Thermal Buckling Of Al/al2o3 Functionally Graded Plates Based On First Order Theory

Fekrar Abdelkader .  Zidi Mohamed .  Boumia Lakhdar .  Ait Atmane Hassen .  Tounsi Abdelouahed .  Bedia Adda El Abbas . 
pages 12-16.

Buckling Analysis Of Thick Plates Using Refined Trigonometric Shear Deformation Theory

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