Volume 1, Numéro 2, Pages 24-34

Accessibility And Attractiveness Of Primary Care Services In Algeria: Models Of Spatial Interaction Of The Nhpf Of The Eastern Health Region

Authors : Aissaoui Nasreddine . Brika Said .


The restructuring of basic health care structures represented by public institutions nearby care in Algeria, according to Executive Decree 07/140 of 19 May 2007, could have effects both positive and negative: positive effects as we quote the approximation of diversified health services towards the citizen. As for the negative effects they live in ignorance of the real role of this kind of structure, namely the prevention in the broad sense of the term before the one of care. Among the results of our case study on the 7 wilayas of eastern Algeria, we noted: a small financial allocation and a shortage of medical and paramedical human resources, which have frozen the role of these NHPF, and which have favored the caregiver’s recourse to hospital emergencies. On the other hand, we have also noticed the sufficient number of these structures throughout all the communes of the country and their proximity to the living environments, despite the derisory number of services rendered, which were able to meet certain needs of the inhabitants.


Primary care services, access to basic health care, nearby health care facilities, public health in Algeria