Sciences & technologie. A, sciences exactes
Volume 0, Numéro 29, Pages 55-60

Simulation Of Carbon Ion Plantation In Silicon Targets

Authors : Labbani R . Bouguerra A .


In this work, several phenomena related to carbon ion implantation, in amorphous silicon targets, were simulated. The investigation was performed using the TRIM code for a dose of 2.7 ×1017 C+cm-2 and an energy of 80 keV. Several quantities (the projected range (Rp), the standard deviation (∆Rp), etc.), characterizing the ion implantation, were obtained and compared with literature. On the other hand, the radiation damage (vacancies and phonons) in the substrates was also predicted. Concerning the redistribution of C+ ions, a good correlation between the simulation and literature has been revealed. However, we note that the investigation of the effect of some factors (annealing temperature, crystallographic orientation of the targets, etc.) on the studied phenomena is not possible by the TRIM code.


carbon; silicon; ion implantation; simulation.