Volume 2, Numéro 2, Pages 33-42

Regime Alimentaire Et Evolution De La Consommation Des Feuilles De Ble Dur (triticum Durum) Chez Ocneridia Volxemi (insecta, Orthoptera) Dans La Region De Setif

Auteurs : Bounechada M. . Doumandji S.e .


The analysis of the diet at different stages of development of Ocneridia volxemi (Orthop-tera, Pamphagidae) revealed that insect is a polyphagous with preferences for Poaceae. We also noted that consumption increases with age of individuals and the consumption of females is higher than that of males. The use of indices food we estimated the quantity of food needed for obtain an adult.

Mots clés

Diet, Consumption, Ocneridia volxemi, Orthoptera, Leaves of Wheat durum