Revue Académique de la Recherche Juridique
Volume 6, Numéro 1, Pages 566-582

Cyber Terrorism On The Internet, The Specific Realities And Challenges Of Combat It.

Authors : Kokez Al-mohammadi Saddam Faisal .


The phenomenon of terrorism is traditionally a global phenomenon, has grown and evolved and increased in influence when coupled with this phenomenon environment electronic, providing internet users and them terrorists Field welcoming the "legal" for the exercise of their actions and their activities freely away from the authority of the control and spread of wider and low cost, and which increased the danger of this phenomenon is the premise of the traditional coupling terrorism with electronic terrorism, when terrorists used electronic means and techniques that are linked to the Internet, it is true that the impact so far did not exceed the limits of the effects of terrorism, electronic criminal operations that fall within the framework of cyber crimes, but the studies specialized propositions and the current focus on the issue of the possibility of terrorists exploit the Internet as it can target the sites infrastructure and technical and technological and even military, and that can cause a complete standstill if there were facilities for all life in the target country.


Cyber-terrorism, terrorist groups, the challenges, and the means of electronic terrorism, combating- electronic terrorism .