Volume 13, Numéro 4, Pages 167-179

Management Of A Sewerage Network By Coupling Gis And Hydraulic Modeling: A Case Study Of The Network Of The New University In Tlemcen, Algeria

Authors : Abdelbaki C . Rouissat B . Charef I . Hadj Abdelkader A . Ammari A .


The objective of this work is to ensure the management of the sewerage network of the new university in Tlemcen using a MapInfo GIS and hydraulic modeling. Mapbasic subroutines are developed for the simulation of the network behaviour for different return periods, based on the model of Caquot (surface method). This model will generate strategies for managing rainwater flux taking into account the weather conditions, topography and land use. The simulations done helped to highlight the influence of rainfall events on the network. This methodology can help managers for decision-making by addressing the shortcomings identified and may therefore provide a performance level of the optimal network operation.


Sewerage network- GIS - Database - Network Modeling - Caquot Model - Management - Rainwater.