Marefa review
Volume 2, Numéro 1, Pages 38-49

Transport De Matiere Vers Une Electrode Vibrant Longitudinalement Dans Son Axe

Auteurs : Tabti Nabil .


The object of our study will be devoted to the study of the transport of matter towards a smooth annular electrode of width L, inserted in an insulating cylinder vibrating longitudinally in the direction of its axis. The movement of the electrode is generated by an exciter (mini vibrator type 4810 Bruel and Kajer), the frequency range is 0-500Hz, the instantaneous position of the vibrating electrode is measured using an inductive sensor displacement (fc = 500Hz to 3bB). During this study, we have highlighted an essential parameter which is the ratio of the amplitude of vibration A on the dimension of the electrode L. - if this ratio A / L <1, the theory as the experiment show that in quasi- stationary mode, the density of the average flow is proportional to the amplitude of vibration to the power one third and of the square root of the frequency modulation. We also present a comparison of the spectral power densities (dsp) of the response to solicitations at different frequencies between the experimental values and the values calculated by numerical integration. We obtain qualitatively similar behaviors, including the presence of a peak at the frequency of the fundamental, which is not provided by the quasi-stationary theory and can only be explained by the strongly nonlinear character of this system (when the A / L > 1).

Mots clés

transport of matter, annular electrode