Marefa review


Modem Arabic Review of Fundamental and Applied Physics founded by Professor Benamar Mohammed El Amine is distributed free of cost both at the National and International platforms. If you wish to have a. print copy of the latest edition of this journal, please send an email to we will send you a. complimentary copy of the journal free of cost. Modern Arabic Review of Fundamental and Applied Physics is publishing articles on theoretical and experimental domains with all the branches of physics (Astrophysics and High Energy, Accelerator Physics, Material Sciences, Nano Science, physics of condensed matter, Atomic, molecular and optical physics, Nuclear Physics and spectroscopy, Renewable energies, sustainability, and environment). Please visit to submit your Research Paper for the upcoming issue of this journal. The journal has a distinguished worldwide reputed Advisory and Editorial Board with extensive academic qualifications, ensuring that the journal maintains high scientific standards. It will be a. matter of great prestige for us to have your esteemed Research Paper(s) in Modern Arabic Review of Fundamental and Applied Physics. Looking forward to your esteemed research paper.