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Effect of fin spacing on turbulent heat transfer in a channel with cascaded rectangular-triangular fins

pages 10-21.    Younes Menni. Ahmed Azzi. Chafika Zidani. Boumédiène Benyoucef.

Effects of Nickel substitution on crystalline structure and superconducting properties of YBa2Cu3O7- ceramics.

pages 22-29.    Souheila Chamekh. Abderrahmane Bouabellou. Elerman Yalçin. Melike Kaya. Dincer Ilker.

Propolis extract effect against methicillin resistant Staphylococcus aureus MRSA

pages 84-92.    Mounira Adoui. Ahmed Boukaloua. Mesbah Lahouel.

Removal of lead ions using a cellulose acetate/ zeolite composite membrane and their analyzes by inverse voltammetry

pages 106-112.    Tahani-achouak Chinar. Mohammed Benbouzid. Said Benfarhi.

Synthesis,, spectral studies and antimicrobial activity of a new hexahydrotriazine compound

pages 113-116.    Souhila Malki. Wissam Mazouz. Schaper 3) Frank. Ahcen Bouchemma. Mustapha Bouhenguel. Meriem Hadjem. Hardouin Duparc Valérie. Leila Lefrada.