Journal of New Technology and Materials
Volume 6, Numéro 2, Pages 62-71

Recovery Of Nickel And Copper From Metal Finishing Hydroxide Sludge By Kinetic Acid Leaching

Authors : Salhi R. . Boudjouada M. . Messikh S. . Gherraf N. .


The aim of the present work was the recovery of nickel and copper from metal finishing hydroxide sludge by kinetic acid leaching. The study was divided into two main parts: First, a kinetic model of precipitate leaching with the presence of acid was developed and subjected to theoretical approach so as to determine optimal leaching conditions (pH and time). Next, the study was conducted experimentally on pure metals hydroxides and then on electroplating sludges. The leaching operation was performed at atmospheric pressure with constant stirring. pH and solubility versus time at different temperature values and different amounts of sludge were carried out. The resulting filtrate was found to contain more than 99% of nickel and copper.


Acid leaching, Copper, Nickel, Electroplating sludge, Metal recovery