Journal of Materials and Engineering Structures
Volume 5, Numéro 4, Pages 419-426

Leaching Behaviour And Compressive Strength Of Cement Solidified Fly Ash Used For Adsorption Of Metal Ions From Aqueous Solutions

Authors : Agarwal Ajay Kumar .


It is very important to ensure that the fly ash produced, after adsorbing metal ions from aqueous solution, is disposed of in a manner that it does not adversely affect the environment. In this study, the used fly ash loaded with heavy metal ions is solidified with cement and sand mixture in a certain ratio. The studies reveal that cement solidified fly ash does not reduce the compressive strength of this mortar cube and also does not leach out the adsorbed metal ions in presence of water over a period of time. It makes cement solidified fly ash safe for use in various Civil Engineering purposes without adversely affecting the environment. The results of this study also suggest that fly ash may be a promising adsorbent for environmental technologies in the future.


Fly ash; Adsorbent; Cement solidification; Leaching

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