Cahiers de Traduction
Volume 30, Numéro 1, Pages 16-28

Mt Reshaping The Translator’s Profile: The Impact Of Ai On The Role Of Modern Translator

Authors : Bentahar Fares .


This paper is an attempt to investigate the role the technology plays in reshaping the translator’s profile, based on a diachronic study of the major changes occurred on translator’s means and conditions of work, training programs and fields of works. It has been found that a pattern is taking a shape. A clear trend towards an over-reliance on technology in translation services providers, which insist broadly on the profile of Post-editor. More precisely, the technological inventions, especially AI-powered Machine Translation , are behind this shift in the translator’s task, competences, and market. The modern translator is, therefore, at crossroads; he either continues as he is now and risks becoming obsolete, or adapts and updates his competence to fit into the new role. Of course, given the course of events, the safer decision is to adapt because this the nature of life.


Machine translation ; Artificial intelligence ; Translator’s competence ; Post-editing