Algerian Review of Ottoman and Mediterranean Studies
Volume 3, Numéro 1, Pages 8-36

إسهام العثمانيين في أوقاف الجامع الأعظم بالجزائر مظهر من مظاهر التعايش بين المذهبين الحنفي و المالكي

الكاتب : عمريوي فهيمة .


The present paper studies the contribution of the Ottomans to the endowment of the Great Mosque of Algiers, of the Maliki school; the second endowment institution regarding incomes and locked-in returns. The study is based on the employment, exploitation and analysis of a sample of the documents of the Sharia court. We will present the Great Mosque and those who endowed it from the army, the deys and administrative staff. We will determinate the nature of the endowed properties, and their location in Algiers, highlighting the development that took place in the endowments of the Ottomans in favor of the Great Mosque. We also highlight their religious policy in Algeria and the extent of coexistence between the Hanafi and Maliki schools of thought during the Ottoman period.

الكلمات المفتاحية

Ottomans ; The Great Mosque ; Endowments ; Algiers ; Coexistence between Schools