Journal of Studies in Language, Culture and Society (JSLCS)
Volume 6, Numéro 2, Pages 20-35

The Reshaping Of Language Learning Motivation During Covid-19-imposed Distance Learning

Authors : Schug Daniel . Sarnou Hanane .


Language learning motivation (LLM) has been a major focus in research over the last decades, though it remains difficult to define and measure. Some study LLM as a binary phenomenon, with certain learner orientations, such as extrinsic motivation, being at odds with others, such as intrinsic motivation. More recently, the general tendency has been to study LLM as a dynamic phenomenon, subject to frequent changes based on innumerable factors, including and especially the learning environment itself. The COVID-19 pandemic and the large-scale imposition of online learning constituted a major change in the learning environment for students around the world, causing students and teachers to rethink their attitudes and habits regarding language learning. This paper offers a rigorous analysis of recent LLM research to understand how online learning impacted language courses. The study revealed an increased focus on the learning environment, autonomous learning, and innovation in teaching practice. Conclusions show that, even as we return to in-person instruction, the pandemic’s long-term impact on language learning can already be seen.


language motivation ; learner autonomy ; learning environment ; online learning ; teacher innovation