Algerian Journal of Renewable Energy and Sustainable Development
Volume 3, Numéro 1, Pages 34-44

Optimal Sizing Of A Pv-wind Hybrid System Using Measured And Generated Database

Authors : Benallal Abdellah . Cheggaga Nawel .


Renewable energy hybrid systems give a good solution in isolated sites, in the Algerian desert; wind and solar potentials are considerably perfect for a combination in a renewable energy hybrid system to satisfy local village electrical load and minimize the storage requirements, which leads to reduce the cost of the installation. For a good sizing, it is essential to know accurately the solar potential ofthe installation area also wind potential at the same height where wind electric generators will be placed. In this work,we optimize a completely autonomous PV-wind hybrid system and show the techno-economical effects of the height of the wind turbine onthe sizing of the hybridsystem.Wealso compare the simulation results obtained from using wind speed measured data at 10 meters and 40 meters of height with the ones obtained from using wind speed extrapolation on HOMER software


Extrapolation of wind speed, HOMER software, Optimization and sizing, PV-wind hybrid system, Vertical profile