Rеvuе des Energies Renouvelables
Volume 16, Numéro 4, Pages 721-732

Optimal Power Flow Solution Including Wind Power Generation Into Isolated Adrar Power System Using Psogsa

Authors : Makhloufi S. . Mekhaldi A. . Teguar M. . Saheb-koussa D. . Djoudi A. .


In this paper, hybrid particle swarm optimization and gravitational search algorithm is proposed to find the optimal solution for the optimal power flow problem including three wind farms connected to the isolated Adrar Algerian power system. In order to get the cost model, the economic problem is converted into a single objective function considering the fuel cost and cost of wind generation by the calculation of the overestimation and underestimation cost of available wind energy based on the Weibull distribution of wind speed. In reason of the wind speed intermittent and unpredictability, two seasonal demand scenarios correspond to the summer and winter peak load of the year 2015 have been considered. The effects of the incorporation of wind power generation on isolated Adrar power system operation and planning are investigated. The simulation results obtained from the proposed algorithm shows that this algorithm is capable to give higher quality solutions to solve optimal power flow dispatching problem with a fast convergence.


Optimal power flow, Fuel cost, Wind cost, Particle swarm optimization, Gravitational search algorithm, PSOGSA, Wind power generation, Weibull probability function.

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