Volume 10, Numéro 3, Pages 83-108

“politics Of Possible Transformation”: Representing Self, Representing Nation In African And Caribbean Women’s Selected Narratives

Authors : Terrab Asma . Gada Naar Nadia .


Given the current critical climate, discussing women’s collaboration in nation-building is a bit problematic to be the core of a study of contemporary fiction. This essay puts postcolonial women's fiction from Nigeria and Dominica, Buchi Emecheta’s Destination Biafra and Julia Alvarez’s In the Name of Salome, in conversation through the analysis of literary transformative representations of female subjectivity in the context of war and national politics. A comparative study of this research nature manifests the ways in which ‘feminist discourse’ functions within contemporary African and Caribbean women’s selected writings that are concerned here in the inquiry of how to engender and invigorate not barely new political practices but overall, new thoughts, new images, new modes of conceptualization, new theories and models suitable to the intricacy and hitherto underrepresented nature and characteristics of women, the feminine and sexual difference. This hoped transformation prompts the necessity for women to replace their way in the literary canon, to re-visit their nations’ past and look at themselves with different eyes.


Politics of possible transformation ; Telling national history ; Postcolonial feminist criticism ; Women of color.