algerian journal of environmental science and technology
Volume 3, Numéro 1, Pages 60-63

Experimental Study Of A Distillation Unit By The Use Of A ‎sheffler Solar Parabola

Authors : Ait Nouh F . Saidi S . Janah Y . Mandi L . Kettab A .


The present work is an experimental study of a solar desalination ‎unit which operates on the principle of humidification-‎dehumidification using a Scheffler solar parabola. This unit is ‎installed in the National Centre for Studies and Research on ‎Water and Energy, University Cadi Ayyad Marrakesh, Morocco. ‎The system comprises a primary reflector (10 m2 area), ‎secondary reflector, distillation still, condenser and Florentine ‎flasks. In order to describe the studied system, The variations of ‎the debit condensate, the solar radiation and the characteristic ‎temperatures of the system are measured during the day. The ‎gotten results show that this system is very profitable since that it ‎permits to get a mass output of 97%. The average power and ‎efficiency of the solar distillation system were found to be 2.39 ‎kW and 29.67% respectively for an average beam radiation of ‎‎987 W/m2.‎


Desalination, ‎ distillation, ‎ Scheffler solar parabola, ‎humidification, ‎dehumidification