Journal of New Technology and Materials
Volume 12, Numéro 2, Pages 35-42

Evaluation Of The Solar Potential Of Northern Algeria For Use In A Desiccant Air-handling Unit. Comparative Study Between Several Models

Authors : Bareche Amir . Labed Nabil .


Within the framework of a project to realize a solar air-cooling plant by desiccation, a study for the estimation of the receivable solar potential at the level of a city in north Algeria is presented herein. Calculation codes have been performed for the cases of several horizontal irradiance models and then the predictions of these models were converted to global solar irradiation on inclined surfaces by the isotropic Liu and Jordan’s method. The results were also tested in order to select statistically the closest ones to the experimental data collected in the city of La Rochelle in France. It was found that Capderou’s model was the most accurate and therefore has been used in this study. The angle of inclination of the solar collectors has been fixed at 20° for a maximum capture during the whole summer season. The influence of the solar potential on the hot water storage capacity has been also discussed. The obtained results indicate that the quantity of captured energy will be sufficient for a correct regeneration of the desiccant in the air handing unit.


Desiccant Cooling ; Solar radiation ; Models ; Potential ; Air treatment