Revue Organisation et Travail
Volume 11, Numéro 3, Pages 265-281

E-learning In The Algerian Universities In The Time Of Crisis: Case Study Of The University Of Mascara In The Era Of Covid-19.

Authors : Rabet Noureddine . Berrahou / Meliani Zoubida .


Abstract: e-Learning was used as a magic solution to complete educational programs, especially in Algerian universities, and in the time of crisis like the Coronavirus pandemic, which recently has paralyzed all institutions without exception. Since the use of this technology is a new thing in our country, as is the apparition of Covid-19, we thought that it is more convenient to study this new phenomenon in the world of teaching in the Algerian context. Conventional classroom instruction or preparing does not continuously fulfill all wants of the modern world of deep-rooted learning. e-Learning is attempted anyplace, from classrooms to homes and workplaces via the internet and devices like PCs, Laptops, Mobiles, iPads, providing a flexible way, and personalized features for more effectiveness and efficiency. A leader like Cisco Systems uses e-learning, and e-training by a sophisticated platform, and programs like Packet tracer, today it is the choice of many organizations in the world especially in crises. This paper tries to study e-learning in the Algerian Universities, by measuring e-learning systems success (ELSS) with an e-questionnaire that took the lion’s share because of the quarantine conditions, first and secondly, to experiment with this type of technology.


e-learning ; Coronavirus pandemic ; e-learning systems success (ELSS) ; Learning