algerian journal of environmental science and technology
Volume 2, Numéro 2, Pages 6-9

Valorization Of Marine Waste In Sludge Treatment From Tizi-‎ouzou Wastewater Treatment Plant

Authors : Aili D . Taouint Aissa N . Adour L .


This study involves on valorization of Algerian marine waste, ‎shrimp shells, in treatment of urban sludge (organic) by ‎coagulation-flocculation / filtration. So, transformation of chitin ‎into chitosan has been realized in laboratory in order to make a ‎bioflocculant. Therefore, chitosan prepared had been tested for ‎conditioning of urban sludge from Tizi-Ouzou wastewater ‎treatment plant. The results indicate that chitosan shows a ‎biocoagulation-bioflocculation behavior which is similar to ‎standard chitosan


Chitosan;‎ ‎ Conditioning;‎ Organic sludge;‎ Shrimp shells‎