Materials & biomaterials science
Volume 3, Numéro 2, Pages 076-079

Comparative Study Of Two Methods For Construction Of A Composite Material Consisting Of Indium Microparticles Electrodeposited On Silicon Modified By A Conductive Polymer

Authors : Selloum Djamel . Chikouche Imene . Dehchar Charif .


A new composite material based on the modification of the silicon surface by a polypyr- role film, then the electrodeposition of indium microparticules (Silicon / Polypyrrole-Indium) within the polymeric film has been developed and studied. The deposits are realized electrochemically. The pyrrole polymerization on the surface of silicon was carried out in an organic solution of acetonitrile by cyclic voltammetry. Then indium was deposited by electrochemical reduction in an aqueous solution by two different methods: one by direct reduction in a solution of indium ions and the other by inclusion of ions In3+ within the polymeric film.Different conditions that affect the material were studied. The deposits were characterized by electrochemical methods and atomic force microscopy AFM. Electrode materials obtained by the two methods were compared.


Electrodeposition, Silicon, Polypyrrole Indium, Composite material