Volume 11, Numéro 1, Pages 2406-2412

Study The Effect Of Brown Seaweed As Bio -fertilizer On The Quality Of Two Tomatos (solanum Lycopersicum L.) Varieties

Authors : Abidi Lila . Snoussi Sid Ahmed . Bradea Maria Stela .


Description of the subject: The topic of the present studyis testing and evaluating the effect of a foliar bio fertilizer founded on extracts of brown seaweed on tomato fruit quality. Objective: is to define effect of different doses of bio fertilizer and observe if this could improve the quality and meet the requirements of the consumer. Methods: Four concentrations of bio fertilizer: 25%, 50%, 75%, 100%, applied to two varieties of tomatoes, for evaluations of their organoleptic and nutritional parameters, in various stages of development, and comparison with controls. Results: A significant differences were observed on the index of flavour (Brix/acidity), rates of chlorides, ashes and proteins. The dose of 75% (2.5 mL/L) for the market garden variety and at the dose of 50 % (1.5 mL/L) for the industrial variety showed qualitative improvements of fruits. Conclusion: Organic fertilisers based on brown marine algae had beneficial effects on the organoleptic and nutritional quality of tomatoes. These bio fertilizers could use as an alternative for chemical fertilizers to produce a better tomato fruit.


bio fertilizer ; brown algae ; tomatoes ; quality parameters