recherches économiques
Volume 16, Numéro 1, Pages 28-46

The Management Of Healthcare Waste During The (covid-19) Pandemic: Experiences Of (india, Japan, Malaysia, Indonesia, China, & Thailand)

Authors : Fettih Mohamed Lamine . Elkinai Azzedine .


This study is an attempt to reveal the effect of the Corona pandemic on the quantity of healthcare wastes in six countries, mainly India, Japan, Malaysia, Indonesia, China, and Thailand. These countries have witnessed an incredible increase in the amount of healthcare waste by more than 30% during the pandemic. Moreover, this work evinces the methods and practices that have been taken in these countries to safely dispose of the healthcare waste that was related to COVID-19 patients. In a conclusion, this study shows the necessity of reviewing and updating laws, re-adapting the health system, management systems, and healthcare waste management to face the current and other possible health crises, and setting urgent protocols for healthcare waste management to be used during future health crises.


Coronavirus ; (COVID-19) ; waste ; Healthcare waste ; Healthcare waste management ; pandemic