khazzartech الاقتصاد الصناعي
Volume 10, Numéro 2, Pages 216-231

An Indoor Tutorial For Maintenance And Production: Case Of Textile Batna

Authors : Ag Hameyni Abdoulmadjid . Aitouche Samia . Taouririt Kamel . Aksa Karima .


Communication and teamwork are among the most recurrent skills associated with knowledge of engineering sciences. However, their application is not simple, due to the lack of a pedagogical approach that contributes to the development of knowledge based on experience. The problem in factories is the lack of daily self learning to avoid the essential presence of the experts in to resolve problems. In this work, we defined what is a learning organization, what is a tutorial and why a personalized tutorial in a trade, its different forms and steps for the development of a tutorial. After we gave a presentation of the company that is Textile Batna. This article discusses how to design a personalized tutorial, oriented and aimed at learning and knowledge transfer in the industry. By developing this system we aim to build an experimental database serving to preserve the knowledge of the production industry expertise of the Batna textile factory. We have designed a tutorial for the company in the form of a website. For this, the UML language was used. The tutorial features were presented. It helped employees to aquire certain skills without assistance of experts.


Organizational learning; Maintenance; Production; Tutorial; Textile Batna; UML.