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“Industrial Economics Journal –Khezzartech” is a Specialized International double-blind peer-reviewed, an open-access journal, free of charges and biannual. The journal is issued and edited by the Faculty of Economics, Commercial Studies and Management Sciences- University of Batna 1 Hadj Lakhdar Algeria. “Industrial Economics Journal –Khezzartech” focuses on various topics such as: Economics, Industrial Economics, Management, Finance, Marketing and Accounting. The journal also aimed to attract researchers around the world to exchange experiences and results, to ensure a useful exchange of knowledge and researches. The journal receives and publishes original researches and it is characterized by quality and originality, whether the theoretical or applied researches are written in three different languages: Arabic, English and French.







The effect of external debt on economic growth in Algeria.

ملاخسو بيلال, 

Résumé: The external debt problem is one of the most fatal problems facing the Arab states, as well as other developing countries, because of its serious impact on economic and social progress, as well as the fact that these countries suffer from declining domestic savings and export earnings, as well as increasing consumption rates, leading to a lack of domestic investment. Algeria, like many other underdeveloped countries, is significantly reliant on foreign loans to fund defaults and balance of payments issues. The major objectives of this paper, which employs traditional time series analysis, is to determine the link between foreign debt and macroeconomic indicators in Algeria from 1990 to 2010. The study's key finding is that foreign debt has a detrimental influence on Algeria's economic growth over the time period analyzed. For a variety of reasons, including domestic consumption and savings, investment, and the trade deficit.

Mots clés: economic growth; external debt; The initial model; Non-linear relationship; joint integration.

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